Gloria – A Poem by Allison Kaye

peony toilette water
clean clear soap hands rough, worn.
her bright color jacket makes her eyes dance
next to the large golden costume earrings-
they drag her ears down but place a spark in her step.

she moves her walker slowly
her chestnut driving shoes shuffle seamlessly
purposefully she gets up to sip some tea
lavender mug red lipstick stained,
lipton tea bag loosely lays.

pussycat you will have no idea what love is until you become a grandma.

domino tiles tucked away
memories of longer summer nights played
sweet dessert and laughter filled the high Floridian ceiling
now the visits get shorter as her body gets frailer
yet her eyes keep glowing
hair is grayer
eyes more tired
hands rougher
lipstick lost

I hate this.

Miserable in pain she lays flat in the bed
questions of confusion startling
closed eyes and heavy breathing
colder hands
yet still the warmest heart

when the moment ticks near
no more lipton tea
or shuffling by,
pillow remains empty as the vacancy comes
her beauty remains-
now a memory
a scent, a moment, a street name
the glory of her presence comes back alive
I hear the love of her voice in my ears [now heavy with golden costume earrings]

you don’t know how much I love you pussycat

The only lie she ever told.
I can feel it when I think of her sweetest embrace
When I picture her precious face- strong in the last months-
I hope she knows how much I love her
My eyelids shut
I’m back laying next to her on a summer night,
she rubs and pats my back- touch so gentle I drift into dreams, sweeter than her favorite fudge cake
My only prayer tonight,
is that she left this earth
on her last day living
knowing just how beautiful she was.


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