Living Apart Together – A Poem by Julie Hogg


Don’t come to my house
like you live here, you
don’t, yet, knock first
and I might let you in.

You can sit in my
chair but remember,
I relax there, so don’t
outstay your welcome.

Don’t take off your shoes,
don’t pick up the phone,
if it rings, just leave it,
this is my home. I’ll

fetch you a glass, I’ll
pour you a drink, there’s
ice in the freezer, don’t
look in the fridge if

you want some food
for your soul, you can
laugh with me, smile, you
can wink if you want,

and, if your day has
been cold, tell me, all
your old, daft stories
I love to hear them, then,

don’t come to my bed
with dead eyes, be warm
like you belong no –
where else. I sleep there.


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