I Dreamt I Was a Primeval Warrior – A Poem By Laura Ellen D.


I dreamt I was a primeval warrior
I slept on bear skins in a cave
When darkness gathered round with furor
I was strong and I was brave

Fierce as foulest winds, I shook
Off fears and kept them far at bay
Whatever my heart desirest, I took
Whomsoever I loved, begged me to stay

My cave was my castle, and I its Queen
The fire kept us warm and bright
All discomfort, pain, and misery
I cast them out into the night

But then I woke, confused, in some bed
Atop a thirty inch mattress
No pea could transgress
With an ice-pack coronet on my head

Awake in a room void of memories, I strove
To recall the dream
Of a place where I ruled unquestioningly
But all recollection was removed

Instead I found I held no glory
No strength or brains
With which to claim
A rightful title to this story
As quickly it started so did it end.


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