Anastasia Buyalskaya. Anastasia enjoys contemplating why humans have evolved so much in some respects and frustratingly little in others. These philosophical indulgences tend to fuel her (increasingly rare) spare time with writing. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, and having grown up in New York City, Anastasia moved to London for both a Master’s degree and to continue her eternal quest of becoming a convivial citizen of the world.

Women in Corporate: Double the Work — Essay — April 2017
‘A Man of Good Hope’ Offers a Rare Glimpse into the Life of a Refugee — Review — January 2017
Babushka — Essay — October 2016

Little Girl Who Almost — Poetry — July 2016
Human Judgment: Science and Nature — Essays — April 2016
Future Conditional’: Exposing Flaws in the UK Education System — Review — January 2016
Ephemeral to Elemental — Essay — October 2015

Not So Automatic Enrollment — Essay — July 2015

Reflections on ‘The Company They Kept’  —  Review  —  April 2015

Hush Money’  —  Review  —  January 2015

Sandra picSandra Tzvetkova. Sandra grew up in Bulgaria, moved to the US and grew up a bit more. Since then, she has spent chunks of life in New York, London, Oxford, and currently Bonn. She’s interested in the public domain in all its sweeping glory, but with a particular emphasis on inequality under capitalism, gender-issues, and climate change. She (mostly re-)tweets as @sandttz

On Work and False Choices — Essay — April 2017
The Political Home — Essay — January 2017
Franzen’s Purity Attempts to Squash Idealism — Review — October 2016

Time — Poetry — October 2016
Thought Leadership — Essay — July 2016
Beasts of No Nation: Lesson on Leadership — Review — July 2016
Questioning the Science of Desire: A Review of ‘What Do Women Want?’ — Review — April 2016
A Wrinkle in Beauty — Essay — October 2015

Minimizing Gender Tropes to Maximize Survival in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ — Review — July 2015

Friendship in a Market-Driven World  —  Essay  —  April 2015
Painting by Numbers  —  Short Story  —  January 2015


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