Issue 1: Value & Money

January 2015

In this issue, Lemon puts the squeeze on Value & Money. The latter, we are told, is the thing that makes the world go ’round. But value isn’t so easy to put your finger on. Tatiana takes a practical look at what drives our decisions — money or something more? She reflects on her personal choice to pursue neuroscience despite some serious uncertainties. Meanwhile, 15 pesos and some camera equipment go a long way in Elina’s South American flashback. However, when women talk money, it’s difficult not to mention that they tend to get less of it for equal work. Tuva examines the roots of such inequality and looks at an innovative Swedish campaign that flips the workday on its head. But our Western perspectives on these topics are a far cry from the experience of billions of people. Maggie plucks us out of our armchair debates for full immersion in a review of “After my Garden Grows,” a documentary set in West Bengal, where a sixteen year old girl might just avoid marriage by growing vegetables. On the creative side, Sarah flings us back in time with her spellbinding poem, “In the Breath of the Ten Thousand Metals“. Told through the eyes of prisoners in 1583 Spain’s Almadén prison camp, cinnabar is the ore they dig and the substance that blurs their reality. Finally, Sandra’s short story imagines how applying market principles within a family might backfire ever so sweetly.

Value Theory — Anastasia Buyalskaya
Why Women Should Leave Work Early — Tuva Johansson
Research or Retail? — Tatiana Popovitchenko
Fifteen Pesos — Elina Boncheva

“After My Garden Grows:” Girls Creating Value and Becoming Valuable — Maggie Clements
“Hush Money” — Anastasia Buyalskaya

Painting by Numbers — Sandra Tzvetkova
In the Breath of the Ten Thousand Metals — Sarah Crossland


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