Issue 3: Conflict

July 2015

As the world sips a depressing cocktail of drones, potential Grexit, and police brutality, Lemon looks into Conflict closer to home. Alex starts us off with a conflict we all face constantly, on a minute-by-minute basis: choice. Another choice humans make is whether to have kids – a debate Anastasia can appreciate both sides of. Speaking of spawn, Allison’s poetry shines the light on a hard-working woman who truly cares for hers. Lyuba, meanwhile weaves a personal narrative on familial conflict in all its agony and potential. But miscommunication is difficult to surmount when the participants aren’t connected by blood, and Joyce’s story sees a couple struggle to decide their future. A cinematic non-couple holds promise of a better future in Sandra’s review of Mad Max, while Kathryn’s essay makes space for the unsung heroes in real world conflicts. Julie’s poem creates a powerful image you can almost touch, and finally, Natalie unleashes a world of conflict-driven books worth escaping into.

All Happy Families — Lyuba Shamailova
Why Choice is Our Biggest Conflict — Alex MacLean
Not So Automatic Enrollment — Anastasia Buyalskaya

Minimizing Gender Tropes to Maximize Survival in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ — Sandra Tzvetkova
Conflict-Driven Summer Reads — Natalie Powell

Her Road — Poetry — Allison Kaye
The Private Lives of Conflict — Short Story — Joyce Chung
Naval Overcoat — Poetry — Julie Hogg