Issue 5: Education

January 2016

2016 has us looking back at lessons learned, and forth to lessons on the horizon. Our topic is Education, and its examination is multifaceted. Joyce curates words of wisdom from New York’s finest (taxi drivers), while Kathryn tells us of the remarkable people she has encountered in teaching English as a second language. Allison’s poignant essay reveals the wicked problem at the heart of America’s failing education system, just as Anastasia’s review grapples with a similar theme on the other side of the ocean. As an educational therapist, Natalie helps save struggling learners from falling through the cracks; while Alex delves into the wide crack separating higher education from ‘real work’. In a snapshot from Sweden, Tuva addresses the current ‘education vs. entertainment’ debate in the context of a popular TV show; and back in the States, Maggie pays tribute to literature and a liberal arts degree. Finally, looking to the future, Sandra’s short story imagines the consequences of not learning our lessons in the present day.

What I Learned from Love & Other Drugs, As Told by NYC’s Finest…(Taxi Drivers) — Joyce Chung
Not a Failing School But a Failing System — Allison Kaye
Educational Therapists: The Educators You’ve Never Heard Of — Natalie Powell
Education, Work and Repetition — Alex MacLean
An Ode to English Learners — Kathryn Aedy
Why Did the Annual Swedish Calendar Stir Up a Fight? — Tuva Johansson
The Intimacy of Reading: Reflections on Liberal Arts and Literature — Maggie Clements

Future Conditional: Exposing Flaws in the UK’s Education System — Anastasia Buyalskaya

G-Chip — Short Story — Sandra Tzvetkova