Issue 7: Leadership

Issue 7 focuses on Leadership, presenting a compilation of thoughtful reflections on what it means to lead and be led.

At a time when populism and anti-establishment thinking may be proving politically contagious, traditional modes of leadership are being disrupted.  In the UK, a power struggle between two Conservatives has resulted in an empty stage: with Prime Minister David Cameron resigning shortly after the UK voted to leave the EU, and Boris Johnson – the leader of the opposing side and presumptive PM replacement – dropping out of the race a week later. Meanwhile in the US, it appears that truly anyone can run for president these days, as the entirely unqualified Donald Trump gets closer to clinching the Republican nomination this summer.

With the boys busy making a mess and running away before they need to clean up, the ladies are trying to keep things together: Angela Merkel is the rock between a solid and further shattered EU, and Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon – less known internationally prior to Brexit – suddenly receiving press for an agenda to keep Scotland (which predominantly voted to remain) in the EU.

It is a time when business magazines, known to produce pithy “leadership advice,” offer fewer lessons as to why leaders who have followed traditional leadership guidance have failed. While we all wait for the memoirs to come out, we asked our writers to untangle the mysteries of good and bad leadership, and we hope you enjoy their insights.

Table of Contents

Thought Leadership – Sandra Tzvetkova
Leadership in Combating Child Sexual Abuse – Allison Kaye
Dream a Little Dream: Leadership, The Vitality of Dreaming and The Collective – Joyce Chung
The Luxuries and Lows of Being Your Own Boss – Natalie Powell

Beasts of No Nation: Lesson on Leadership – Sandra Tzvetkova

fur hat – A Poem by Julie Hogg
Origination – A Poem by Kathryn Aedy
Little Girl Who Almost – A Poem by Anastasia Buyalskaya