Issue 9: Home

In the bustling holiday season, images of home flood the senses. In Issue 9, we stop to look more closely and find that “home’s” sheen of comfort and sanctuary gives way to a more complex construct. Alex’s essay picks through the fragments of experience that make up home in an unanchored life, focusing on her recent time spent living in Mexico. For others, a nomadic lifestyle is more necessity than luxury, as seen in Anastasia’s review of ‘A Man of Good Hope’, which provides a glimpse into the life of a refugee. In a similar vein, Sandra argues that “home” must become a political concept for anyone interested in a fair society, especially in a time of rising inequality. Also cracking the veneer of all-round comfort is Allison’s poem, which tells the parallel stories of two children growing up in two very different homes.

When we think about home, we can’t help but think of gender, and in this realm Christina’s poem sizzles and hisses on the skillet of societal expectations. Laura’s, on the other hand, basks in a moment of grand reverie… And she isn’t done there: her essay deftly untangles the underpinnings of home, drawing on personal experience and cultural signposts, while her playlist curates a selection of songs on the topic. Ending on a poetic note, Joyce’s composition is an ode to home as memory, and Julie’s poem a tender, understanding stroll.

Table of Contents

Feels Like Home – Laura Ellen D.
Just Like Home (A Playlist) – Laura Ellen D.
Pieces of Home – Alex MacLean
The Political Home – Sandra Tzvetkova

‘A Man of Good Hope’ Offers a Rare Glimpse Into the Life of a Refugee – Anastasia Buyalskaya

Mad Cow Disease – Christina Pierpaoli
No Child Left Behind [Except at Home] – Allison Kaye
Kingston Street – Julie Hogg
Home Lives in My Memory – Joyce Chung
I Dreamt I was a Primeval Warrior – Laura Ellen D.