Past Contributors

Alex MacLean - picAlex MacLean. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Alex is a graduate of the Ailey/Fordham BFA program in NYC with a degree in Dance and English. She was a recipient of the Ully Hirsch/Robert F. Nettleton Poetry Prize and has published poetry in the annual Fordham Creative Writing Journal. She has danced professionally in both New York and Washington DC and has recently performed as an Emerging Artist at Studio 7 in Montreal, Quebec. She currently lives in Montreal where she attempts to find work as an English speaker in a French City, survive the winter and continue to dance.

Pieces of Home — Essay — January 2017
The Science Behind Nature — Essay — April 2016
Education, Work and Repetition — Essay — January 2016
High School Beauty — Essay — October 2015

Why Choice is Our Biggest Conflict — Essay — July 2015
Can Men and Women Just be Friends?  — Essay  —  April 2015

Alexander SchneiderAlexander Schneider. Alexander is from Queens, New York, and lives in London. His current goal is to take French lessons, and maybe move to Paris.


Beautiful Problems — Essay — October 2015

christina-pierpaoli-picChristina M. Peirpaoli. Christina is a third year graduate student and former Graduate Council Research Fellow in the Clinical Geropsychology doctoral program. Her research explores associations of chronic illness with psychological health in older adults. Specific areas of inquiry include how feelings of usefulness to others in later life predict active (vs. passive) coping strategies with chronic pain; daily variability in subjective age; as well as obesity and its linkages with pain, depression, and disability among adults with osteoarthritis. Most recently, Psychology Today has invited Christina to publish Eng(aging), her monthly blog exploring a millennnial’s thoughts on age and aging; you can read her work here.

Mad Cow Disease — Poetry — January 2017
Youthanized Science — Essay — October 2016

Elina pic

Elina Boncheva. Born in Bulgaria and having lived in Russia, Uruguay, Spain and Japan, travel has become a way of life for Elina. Having completed her MBA at Columbia Business school with a focus on Technology and Marketing, she stays deeply involved in the New York travel and startup scene. Elina is a keen observer of the interplay among human behavior, technology and travel. She enjoys getting lost in unpredictable destinations, scoping out hidden paths, concocting delicious beverages, and living the past through Latin American fiction.

Fifteen Pesos  —  Essay —  January 2015

Joyce Chung - pic

Joyce Chung. Joyce grew up on Long Island, and is currently working in finance in New York City. Though her day job involves crunching numbers and playing with Excel, her true passions and interests involve entrepreneurship, travel, e-commerce and media tech. She enjoys reading about female pioneers and world-changers, startup stories and anything/everything on TechCrunch. Joyce hopes to one day create something beautiful and impactful. You can find her drinking a bourbon cocktail, working it out on the Megaformer, or on Instagram at @jdchung.

home lives in my memory — Poetry — January 2017
Great Expectations: Fictional ramblings on singledom and growing older in The City — Poetry — October 2016

Dream a Little Dream: Leadership, The Vitality of Dreaming and The Collective — Essay — July 2016
What I Learned From Love & Other Drugs, As Told by NYC’s Finest…(Taxi Drivers) — Essay — January 2016
Beauty Can be the Beast/Beauty and a Beat — Poetry — October 2015
The Private Lives of Conflict — Short Story — July 2015
The Laying Down of Digital Designer Masks  —  Essays  —  April 2015

lydiaLydia Stephens. Lydia was born in 1998 in Warwickshire, England, She is about to start reading English Language and Literature at Oxford University. Some of her favourite authors include Toni Morrison, Sylvia Plath, Elizabeth Gaskell, and Charlotte Bronte, two of whom featured in her EPQ research which was a study of the depiction of mental illness in literature throughout history, from Classical drama up to more contemporary works of the last 20 years. Last summer after spending a month hiking in the Himalayas, Lydia was bitten by the travel bug, and had spent much time since, exploring the world with her family. In her free time Lydia can often be found at music events, reading or BP debating. In the future Lydia hopes to write for the screen.

A Reflection on Ageing — Essay — October 2016

Lyuba pic

Lyuba Shamailova. Lyuba was born in Baku, Azerbaijan and grew up in Brooklyn, NY, before it was cool to be a toddler riding around the borough in an organic, fair-trade, DIY stroller. Lyuba graduated from NYU a few years ago and currently works for a large multinational bank that shall remain nameless. She will be escaping the clutches of finance to attend law school in the Fall. In her free time, Lyuba enjoys a cold one, spin class, cooking new recipes in the kitchen, and laughing. Her favorite word in Italian is ‘birba.’

All Happy Families — Essay — July 2015

Maggie pic

May Clements. May’s day job involves writing public-private partnership agreements and figuring out what the legislature actually meant to say. Occasionally she gets to leave her cubicle and experience the wonder of New York’s stellar state park system. A proud graduate of Mount Holyoke College, May studied law at New York University. She’s interested in intersectional feminism and environmental policy, and has written on offshore oil and gas regulation for the Alaska Law Review. She also is also known as Maggie, and enjoys reading in armchairs, taking nature walks and completing the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen.

Are You There Dad? It’s Me, Margaret — Essay — October 2016
An Apology to Jimmy Carter: Life After Kelly Cosby — Essay — April 2016
Return of the Kings: El Jefe and Our Second Chance to do the Right Thing — Review — April 2016
The Intimacy of Reading: Reflections on Liberal Arts and Literature — Essay — January 2016
After My Garden Grows’  —  Review  —  January 2015

Maggie McManus

Margaret McManus. Hailing from South Jersey, Maggie attended Goucher College outside of Baltimore, studied abroad in England, and lived briefly in the the City of Brotherly Love, aka Philadelphia. She currently lives in Manhattan, where she enjoys the many museums and coffee shops the city has to offer. She works at a technology company and is an avid reader in her spare time.

Our Eyes Smiled Once — Short Story — October 2015
The Coffee Date  —  Short Story  —  April 2015


Natalie L. Powell. Otherwise known as “Miss Powell,” Natalie is Lemon’s resident teacher. Currently a student in a postgrad certificate program in Educational Therapy, Natalie is training to become an educational therapist and in-school learning specialist. She currently has her own private tutoring business in her hometown and substitute teaches at local schools. Teacherly hobbies of Natalie’s include: tea drinking, lesson planning, Jeopardy watching… you get the idea.

The Luxuries and Lows of Being Your Own Boss — Essay — July 2016
Educational Therapists: The Educators You’ve Never Heard of — Essay — January 2016
Nature’s Beauty Sans Technology — Essay — October 2015

Conflict-Driven Summer Reads — Reviews — July 2015

Will You Be My Best Friend?  —  Essay  —  April 2015

Olga pic

Olga Zeveleva. Olga has split her time between the USA, Russia and Germany since she was little. Olga studies migration and currently works as a research associate in Moscow. She writes on the topics of mobility, minority rights, and the post-Soviet space. She has also become something of a Russia-explainer in prominent English-language newspapers and on English-language radio. She likes critical theory, archeological digs, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, and free and fair elections. She usually has a cup of coffee in her hand and tweets as @OZeveleva.

Beauty Re-Interpreted – Two Translations — October 2015
‘Friends’ to ‘Girls’: The Obsessive Self-Awareness of Millennials  —  Review  —  April 2015

Sarah pic

Sarah Crossland. Sarah has been the recipient of the 2012 Boston Review Poetry Prize, a 2013 AWP Intro Journals Award, and the 2013 Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, and was recently named one of Narrative’s 30 Below 30 Emerging Writers for 2014. She lives in Charlottesville, VA, where she serves as the production editor of Devil’s Lake and is currently researching for a book of poetry about the Romanov daughters, Slavic folklore, and the Russian Revolution.

In the Breath of the Ten Thousand Metals   —  Poetry  —  January 2015

Tatiana - pic

Tatiana Popovitchenko. Tatiana was born in Ukraine and raised in South Jersey. She maintained her international identity by moving to the far away land of Norway to obtain a master’s degree in Biological Chemistry. While there she also obtained a Spanish husband named Roberto. The two now live a quiet life with their tabby Catsby while Tatiana is back in New Jersey pursuing her doctoral degree in Neuroscience. She is an avid participant in local trivia nights and loves nothing more than to peruse the latest issue of Vogue on a sunny beach.

To and Fro, Through the Years We Go — Essay — October 2016
Stained Glass Window  —  Poetry  —  April 2015
Research or Retail?  —  Essay  —  January 2015


Tuva Johansson. Tuva is from Sweden and currently lives in London. She holds a Master’s in Public Policy with a key interest in education and family policy. Tuva is passionate about gender and welfare issues, where the patriotic Swede inside her often peeps out. Loves her dog, forest walks and the seaside.

Why did the Annual Swedish Christmas TV Calendar Stir Up a Fight? — Essay — January 2016
Tuva is a Whore  —  Essay  —  April 2015

Why Women Should Leave Work Early  —  Essay  —  January 2015